About us

Who are we?

We are two drone enthusiasts who decided to venture into the world of business as Drones and Pixels.

...it won’t fly” they said… Guess what? It did!

Mike is as keen RC model builder who started as a tween, spending his pocket money on motors and balsa frames and putting hours and hours to make it all work. He later got diverted into project industry, but still loves flying. Agnies is a computer geek for who taking apart drones, laptops and remote controls has become a past time of COVID19 lockdown. Other than that, she is keen photographer and a drone pilot working currently on her formal qualifications.

Together, we are a strong and dedicated team who endeavors to provide sound drone solutions. In between the two of us we have over 40 years experience in proffessional procurement and business relationship mnagement, that we are intending to fully use in our new venture. We are seeking to expand by leveraging the latest developments in the UAV industry with technical knowledge of hardware and software applications, so that we can deliver our clients purpose fit solutions within pre-defined budgets.

Our Mission

We aim to equip our customers with the best solutions on the market to guarantee their drone operations are safe, precise, reliable and sustainable.

This will happen through concrete actions:

  • providing clarity and insight into current regulations and restrictions associated with flying in South Africa
  • understanding of capabilities and limitations of various UAV’s – same as there is no need to buy a truck to be an Uber driver, there often there is no need to over-invest, if you require simple drone solution
  • on the other hand – money well spent will go a long way, so it pays to be realistic about needs taking into consideration future operations
  • provide alternatives to most common (and not always best!) solutions on the market by introducing new, competitive products and providing for them full local support
  • encouraging innovation by exploring new technologies, such as AI and Machine Learning – and incorporating them into custom solutions

Our Commitment

SAFETY & RELIABILITY – our first commitment is to make sure that our clients solutions are safe, efficient and reliable. We assist our clients in set up and testing of any equipment, without interfering with proprietary hardware or software (as this frequently voids the warranty) .

CUSTOMER FIRST – our drive for innovation enables us to anticipate technological solutions and work on their adaptability.
This includes set up of visual simulation of flights before they are carried out.

COMPLIANCE – Drones and Pixels will always comply with applicable laws and regulations. While we are in process of application for our own ROC, any services that involve flying drones in South African airspace will be provided by partnering with an existing ROC holding company.